Our mission is to achieve complex goals for clients through a collaborative effort with owners and construction professionals.

ArroDesign is a small, unique construction company located in the heart of the Green Mountains in central Vermont with an international reach.  Arro specializes in the design and construction of unique homes in the Mad River Valley and the construction of larger scale public and civic projects. Over the past several years, the company has been focused on developing and incorporating innovative concrete construction techniques to address issues of durability, sustainability and structural expression.  For the most part, we work on one project at a time with a small palette of materials and craft as much as we can on site in order to involve the clients in the process in a more intimate way.  We work with owners, architects, engineers and builders.

Sandy Lawton, the owner, is trained as an architect with 20 years of practical construction experience.  Sandy has a wealth of skills that he shares as a designer and a craftsman.  He has a talent for incorporating steel, concrete and wood, to allow structures to be expressed in an essential manner.    He has collaborated on projects of many different scales and is uniquely experienced with a variety of processes and techniques that can be used in commercial and residential construction.

All inquiries are welcome.